Imagination to reality

We don’t just build Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions, we offer you a possibility to make something stellar by enriching reality with virtual elements.


Amazing experiences

We at Stellarion believe in co-creation. We want to create fantastic services that are always tailored to your specific needs. Our aim is to make your brand more attractive to your customers, enforce your business and support your operative actions.

We do...

AR and VR gives a tool to create a completely different experience to the world that you know. Virtual layer that is seamlessly integrated with the reality gives you a possibility to create more engaging marketing material, show your products in a new and interesting way, educate your workers to use complex equipment with ease and recreate history, enrich art and visualise products that are not yet there.


Marketing with AR

With AR your marketing material really comes alive. We can create impressive marketing campaigns containing 3D, gaming, product information and videos integrated in new or already existing printed material. We can create fantastic and engaging campaigns for your new products or services or enhance the sales of your existing products.

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AR for machinery and manufacturing

Augmented reality that is targeted to machine industry ease manufacturing processes, education of the equipment, production, service and end usage of the equipment. We can show your customer your products even when they are not ready!

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AR enriched culture

Museum experiences, historical sites and environmental art get a whole new dimension, when you add virtual layers in to the existing art work and historical places. We feel that Augmented Reality is the best way to enrich artwork, by adding 3D elements, video, text or images. History can be made so much more interesting with Augmented reality!

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We are...

Stellarion saw the light of day when Kosovan ARVision and Finnish Rostedt & CO. joined forces in autumn 2017. The founder of ARVision has created high quality Augmented and Virtual Reality services over three years and R&CO. entrepeneurs have over twenty years experience in large scale IT projects and service design. With this unbeatable combo of technical, design and execution capability we, the founders of Stellarion, are ready to create something outstanding.

Pihla Rostedt

Founder & CEO
+358 45 121 2104

Shkumbin Kabashi

Founder & CTO
+358 40 672 6300

Timo Rostedt

Founder & Creative Director
+358 40 849 1054


Lets get together...

Contact us for inspiring ideas to enhance your brand loyality, help out with your industrial operations or let us make your artwork, museum and historical site fantastic!

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